Google Buzz: Despite new tweaks, contacts still public by default

February 14, 2010

Yesterday Google tweaked a few more settings in its new Buzz social networking service, which is linked to Google’s Gmail service.  Soon,  reports say, when you open Buzz the first time, it will ask which of  the contacts from your address list you wish to “follow” and be “followed” by instead of  automatically setting up your most-frequent Gmail or Google chat listings as your Buzz network members. BUT –and it’s a huge but– as Silicon Alley Insider reports

Google did NOT make one specific change that some people may still be upset about — Google Buzz will still show your follower/following lists publicly by default, and you must still manually make these private.

Doing so is a multi-step process– so beware and be warned.  And until the changes go into full effect,  you may want to keep on hand PC World’s guide to using Buzz, including   how to kill Buzz completely   .

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