Digital Textbooks: The Future is NOW

February 20, 2010

If you publish –or write or edit– textbooks or any other kind of educational material, you can’t afford to miss this discussion on the Future of Digital Textbooks, a panel discussion put together by O’Reilly’s TOC: Tools of Change for Publishing as a “prelude” to their upcoming conference of the same name. The participants, all front-line participants in the changing field of educational publishing, have a lot to say about  how  students are now using, and will in the near future use, computers, ebook readers, tablets (such as the iPad) and the like.  These experts don’t all agree on every particular of how this future will unfold, of course, but one thing is clear:  Students at all levels are already accessing a large and ever-growing proportion of their course materials electronically and there’s no turning back.

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