Putting YOUR name on your Facebook ‘Page’

September 24, 2010

Have you ever had to copy or share the URL for your Facebook ‘page’?  You may not know that you can get rid of that long mess of letters and numbers — something like facebook.com/?phpxxxxxxxxxxx!!abcxxxx– you got when you opened your Facebook account, and replace it with a short, easy-to-remember –and more professional looking– URL of your own. Say: facebook.com/yourname   It  just takes a minute– at least if you have a  phone.  Here’s how.

While you are logged in to your Facebook account,  go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ and follow the instructions.  If your ‘page’ is a personal ‘page’ you’ll probably be asked to provide a phone number so Facebook can call you with a verification code that you’ll need to enter on Facebook. According to Facebook, this will allow them to verify that you are a real person.  (Hmmmn…guess Facebook thinks robots don’t have cell phones. If you don’t have a  phone, that could be a problem, Facebook tells you to “come back later”–not quite sure what that means, but let me know if you find out! ) Facebook’s own robo-caller will ring you or send you a text message, you’ll confirm receipt, and then you’re set to pick your new URL.  Don’t get carried away:  make it short and snappy, if you don’t use your name. And if you have a very long name, just use a part of it.

You may be wondering why I put Facebook ‘page’ in quotes.  It’s because, in Official Facebook-speak,  individuals don’t have Pages, they have Profiles (even though, to the rest of the world, Profiles look awfully like web pages–because they are.)

One more note: If you are the administrator of an actual Facebook “page” (that is, one that belongs to a business or organization) you can get a custom URL for your page once you have at least 25 fans (aka “likers”).  Go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ and follow the instructions. (You won’t need to verify by phone.)

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