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How to Twitter: A Practical Guide from Idealware

OK, you get it. You –or your organization or business– oughta be using Twitter. But how, exactly, do you get started? What do you “tweet”? When do you “tweet”? How do you fit “tweeting” in with the rest of your work? And does it really make a difference? One group, Idealware, provides some concrete and practical answers to Twitter questions based on its own organizational experience. (more…)

1 Comment March 24, 2010

Cinch: on-the-scene sound bites made easy

You dial a special number, wait for the beep, then talk into your phone…or, if you’re a reporter doing an interview, you let your interview subject talk into your phone. Then you hang up.  And that’s it– your audio is now posted on  a website called Cinch —— all set  for you to add a text teaser and  send it off to  Twitter (or Facebook) where it will appear as a tweet (or post) under your name, with a link back to the audio file on Cinch. (more…)

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