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Panels are not a panacea (and not much of a promotional tool)

Panels are great– for some things.  Yes, you know, panels:  Where two or three or four people sit up in front of a room full of other people and talk at them.   True, sometimes people want to hear panelists,  will go out of their way to do so, and even pay for the privilege– most often when the panelists are famous or controversial or –as was the case at the very good NTEN (non-profit technology) conference last week, when people finally get a chance to see and hear the real humans they’ve been interacting with online.  But it happened again today.   I heard somebody propose  a panel discussion as means of promoting a social media campaign that is itself intended to promote an event.  Huh? (more…)

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How to Twitter: A Practical Guide from Idealware

OK, you get it. You –or your organization or business– oughta be using Twitter. But how, exactly, do you get started? What do you “tweet”? When do you “tweet”? How do you fit “tweeting” in with the rest of your work? And does it really make a difference? One group, Idealware, provides some concrete and practical answers to Twitter questions based on its own organizational experience. (more…)

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Twitter hashtags for new users

This morning’s terrible and sad news about the huge earthquake in Chile made me regret not explaining Twitter “hashtags” in yesterday’s post about  Twitter-for-beginners.  If you are one of the many people trying to use  Twitter for the first time today to follow events in Chile, or related news about a possible tsunami in many parts of the Pacific,  you can follow the instructions at the end of that post and also try this: when you search,  just add a pound sign —  #  — before your search term, like this:  #chile  or #tsunami. (more…)

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Twitter: news source, news outlet

Twitter can play a key role in bringing the news of the world  to you– and in taking news about you (and your company or organization) out to the world.  So if you still think of  Twitter just as a  way people tell friends what they ate for breakfast, maybe it’s  time to take another look.  A good place to start might be David Talbot’s recent article in MIT Technology Review. (more…)

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