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Putting YOUR name on your Facebook ‘Page’

Getting a custom name for your Facebook page will make it easier to remember.

Continue Leave a Comment September 24, 2010

Facebook Docs: beta needs to be better

My invite to try out the new Microsoft Fuse Labs Word service just came through this morning. As I said in my last post, this service is supposed to make it possible to create Word docs online and then share them via Facebook.  Immediately created a doc, but after forty-five minutes of of fiddling with various privacy and other settings; I can’t get the “share” with my Facebook friends to work. I’m sure there’s some nifty explanation hidden deep in the  “Help” screens– but frankly, this is sooooooooo Microsoft-ian….making you jump hoops in order to set things up and carry out essential functions– and as somebody who tries to get people to use tools like this for a living, I rate this one –at least for the moment– a FAIL. Maybe if a link to the doc magically appears on my Facebook wall later today I’ll feel differently, in any case I’ll keep experimenting and keep you posted. [Updates after the jump] (more…)

Leave a Comment May 10, 2010

Monitoring your online publication’s behavior when it’s away from home

Most website editors and bloggers spend most of their time and energy making their online publication  look good to visitors who come to their site to read their content.  But many sites now have RSS feeds that automatically send site content –or at least headlines and summaries– out to feed readers, email subscription services and Twitter and other social media.  If you want to build your site’s audience,  it’s also important to keep an eye on   how your content looks and reads in those other formats.  Here’s how.


1 Comment May 2, 2010

Wifi on Airplanes: Posting from 36k feet over Indiana

A surreal experience . Just chatted live, via  Gogo inflight wifi and Google chat, with my eleven-year-old niece who lives in Chicago.


1 Comment January 27, 2010

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