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Confessions of a Google docs fiend

It all started innocently enough:  there was that “Documents” link,  hanging out  right above my Gmail,  whispering  to me that I should try it:  Just once.  And so I did. And now, not only am I hooked on Google docs, but I work hard to get other people hooked, to share my habit so we can do docs together,  even though I  know  –yes, it’s becoming increasingly clear– Google isn’t always good for us.  But, oh, it’s so easy and gets me out there so fast.  And maybe you should try it too.  Just so we can hang out together? (more…)

Leave a Comment May 6, 2010

Google Buzz: Despite new tweaks, contacts still public by default

Yesterday Google tweaked a few more settings in its new Buzz social networking service (more…)

Leave a Comment February 14, 2010

Google responds –a little– to Buzz privacy problems

Reports yesterday afternoon that, as GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram put it, Google Listens to Critics and Tweaks Buzz. Just “tweaks,” they are though:  the main change is that it’s easier to turn off the settings that make your contacts appear in your public Google profile.  But these settings should be OFF by default (more…)

Leave a Comment February 12, 2010

Google Buzz: Really Big Privacy FAIL

Creeped out. That’s how I felt as soon as I clicked on the button in my Gmail that asked if I wanted to try out  Buzz, Google’s new social networking program.  I really didn’t like seeing my most frequently-used  Gmail contacts automatically displayed there, and I was especially disturbed to see that I already had “followers.”   And it gets worse:  turns out the information about your contacts is displayed by default in your public Google profile when you first turn on Buzz.  And your Picasa photos  might get “Buzzed” to your “followers” even if you didn’t mean them to– ’cause Buzz shares public Picasa albums by default also. Turns out I’m far from alone in thinking all of  this is a big, big problem. (more…)

Leave a Comment February 11, 2010

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