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Confessions of a Google docs fiend

It all started innocently enough:  there was that “Documents” link,  hanging out  right above my Gmail,  whispering  to me that I should try it:  Just once.  And so I did. And now, not only am I hooked on Google docs, but I work hard to get other people hooked, to share my habit so we can do docs together,  even though I  know  –yes, it’s becoming increasingly clear– Google isn’t always good for us.  But, oh, it’s so easy and gets me out there so fast.  And maybe you should try it too.  Just so we can hang out together? (more…)

Leave a Comment May 6, 2010

Crocodoc: free, super-easy document sharing with a security downside

Crocodoc.com is a very simple service that may be just the thing if you need to  get quick, fuss-free feedback on a word document, PDF, or slide presentation.  But Crocodoc is a bit too stripped down for many purposes, and the tradeoff for extreme ease of use is a lack of security.   Here’s a  quick-review.


Leave a Comment March 2, 2010

Spreadsheets for Poets

Spreadsheets have many, many uses besides financial recordkeeping.  But lots of  people who lack business training are intimidated by all those columns and rows, and have never experienced the many ways spreadsheets can make life easier.  If that describes you, check out  Google docs spreadsheets– easy enough for English majors. (more…)

Leave a Comment January 21, 2010

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