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Facebook Docs: beta needs to be better

My invite to try out the new Microsoft Fuse Labs Word service just came through this morning. As I said in my last post, this service is supposed to make it possible to create Word docs online and then share them via Facebook.  Immediately created a doc, but after forty-five minutes of of fiddling with various privacy and other settings; I can’t get the “share” with my Facebook friends to work. I’m sure there’s some nifty explanation hidden deep in the  “Help” screens– but frankly, this is sooooooooo Microsoft-ian….making you jump hoops in order to set things up and carry out essential functions– and as somebody who tries to get people to use tools like this for a living, I rate this one –at least for the moment– a FAIL. Maybe if a link to the doc magically appears on my Facebook wall later today I’ll feel differently, in any case I’ll keep experimenting and keep you posted. [Updates after the jump] (more…)

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Confessions of a Google docs fiend

It all started innocently enough:  there was that “Documents” link,  hanging out  right above my Gmail,  whispering  to me that I should try it:  Just once.  And so I did. And now, not only am I hooked on Google docs, but I work hard to get other people hooked, to share my habit so we can do docs together,  even though I  know  –yes, it’s becoming increasingly clear– Google isn’t always good for us.  But, oh, it’s so easy and gets me out there so fast.  And maybe you should try it too.  Just so we can hang out together? (more…)

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